Kuwait vs. Syria

Final result: 1:2

End of Second Half
95. min 1:2 Kuwait Yousef Naser Al-Sulaiman scored a goal (assist by Bader Al-Mutawa)!
94. min 0:2 Syria Fahd Youssef was cautioned with a yellow card.
90. min 0:2 Syria Youssef Kalfa scored a goal!
86. min 0:1 Kuwait Faisal Zaid Al-Harbi replaces Dhari Said Abdullah
85. min 0:1 Syria Mardik Mardikian replaces Omar Al-Somah
83. min 0:1 Kuwait Yousef Naser Al-Sulaiman replaces Hussain Al-Musawi
77. min 0:1 Kuwait Mashari Al-Azmi replaces Ahmad Raheel Al-Dhufairi
77. min 0:1 Syria Fahd Youssef replaces Aias Aosman
74. min 0:1 Syria Zaher Al-Midani scored a goal (assist by Moayad Al-Ajan)!
74. min 0:1 Syria Hussein Al-Juwaid replaces Abdul Malek Al-Anizan
70. min 0:0 Syria Omar Al-Somah was cautioned with a yellow card.
61. min 0:0 Kuwait Shereedah Al-Shereedah replaces Abdullah Mawi Al-Mutairi
61. min 0:0 Kuwait Bader Al-Mutawa replaces Mohammad Frieh Al-Rashidi
46. min 0:0 Syria Moayad Al-Ajan replaces Nadim Sabagh
46. min 0:0 Syria Ahmad Madania replaces Ibrahim Alma
46. min 0:0 Kuwait Fahad Al-Ebrahim Al-Ansari replaces Khaled Ebrahim Hajjah
Begin of Second Half
End of First Half
42. min 0:0 Kuwait Abdullah Mawi Al-Mutairi was cautioned with a yellow card.
39. min 0:0 Syria Zaher Al-Midani was cautioned with a yellow card.
Begin of First Half

Kuwait Kuwait Football Association

Syria Syrian Football Association

Ali Sabah Al-Salem Stadium

  • Opened: -
  • Capacity: 10000
  • Capacity intl.: 10000
  • Owner: -
  • City: Al-Farwaniyah
  • Country: Kuwait